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My name is Mariah Akers. I've been farming most of my life. Always having horses, now expanding into poultry, goats, hogs, and beef. My work experience has been in the medical field. Starting with becoming a Medical Assistant to teaching in the same Medical Assisting program I graduated from to then becoming a Nurse (LPN). I was ready for a change and to fulfill my dream of owning and operating a farm with a store. This website will help showcase my journey! Follow Along!

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Our Story

Growing up on a small beef farm I knew the benefits of raising and producing homegrown meats!

So I set out to slowly grow a Homestead. Striving for sustainability! It was always my intent to provide for my family directly from my own hands. Never thinking I would take a hiatus from Nursing to pursue farming as a livelihood. 


Now, my motto has shifted from 'Family Grown Food for my Family' to 'Family Grown Food for Families'. It is my goal to produce food for the local community to have access to great quality homegrown meats. Which will include: beef, pork, and goat meat; as well as eggs and jams & jellies.

In striving to provide beef I knew that it would be important to have quality animals. So we created a family partnership with KLM Farm, Mariah's mother and step-father, which is a union that celebrates three generations of farmers.

While we still have many projects to complete, we are here to provide you with the same products we put on our table everyday! We look forward to sharing our journey with you, as we grow and learn together as a family!

Animal Raising Practices

How do we raise our animals for consumption, you ask?

When an animal is born on the farm, they are dam raised. This is when the mom provides all the nutrients the baby needs via her milk. The baby will learn from mom or other like animals how to eat hay and grain, as well as drink water.


Yes, you heard that right we feed grain. We specifically feed Poulin grain from VT, because it is a regionally based company, providing our animals the nutrients they require based on our region. We believe that by feeding our animals grain they will gain the needed vitamins and minerals that our grasslands essentially lack. Let's face it, our soil is not what it once was, and giving grain helps our animals grow to their best potential! Providing you and your family quality family-raised meats.

How do I order?

It's easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!


Simply, contact Mariah via call, text, or email. Scroll down for contact information to start your conversation now!

Contact Me!

I'm always looking to educate others and share our Homestead journey.  Let's chat!

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